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About Funeral Pre-Planning

Planning your own cremation service isn’t something you would like to dream about. Really, we’re pretty sure that if left to your own devices, you could just try to stop it entirely.


So, if you do, what happens? Let’s only have two things to say: nothing good. 

You are potentially giving up your control over some of the most important options you will ever make in your life by ignoring end-of-life preparation, leaving them to be made by friends who are trapped in the emotional chaos of mourning after losing someone they loved. 

When you do the right thing and plan to make pre-arrangements for your cremation, when you feel relaxed, safe, and reasonable, you can do so at your own pace.  We promise that it will be as easy as possible for you. Using our safe Pre-Arrange Online Network, you can pre-arrange your cremation, or contact us to talk directly with a member of our team.

 For a loved one, you can even make pre-arrangements. Please call us at 618-741-7835 if you have any questions or would like to talk directly to someone.

Pre-Payment Options

When preparing to pre-plan and prepay their final wishes, there are an increasing range of choices open to the public today. We will tailor a schedule for you that is right. Our workers would be delighted to detail the available options, from single pay policies to automated monthly deposit withdrawals tailored to satisfy anyone’s budget concerns.
You and your family will be covered from potential inflationary developments by a prepaid cremation thus providing the peace of mind of ensuring they will be taken care of once you are dead. More detailed examples of the plans that we have available can be found below.

If, after reading this material, you would like to make an appointment, we would be delighted to have one of our staff run through any specific questions you may have.

When is the Best Time to Pre-Plan Your Cremation?

We’d like to say “right now,” but know that you might not be able to take on this challenge emotionally. Perhaps the right time to consider preparing pre-arrangements for your cremation is because you have a family that you want to shield from the mental and financial pressures they will bear when you leave them with no contingency at all.

You will defend your families from the burden of trying to make these decisions at a time of intense emotional stress by taking time now to gather cremation cost data and calmly make choices relevant to your own funeral arrangements. This helps you to pick the particular things you want and need wisely… and pay for them now. Prepaid deposits in funeral homes encourage families, through multiple investment vehicles, to finance their funerals in advance.