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Building a Legacy of Memories

We miss them terribly when someone we love dies. In our souls, there’s a void that feels like nothing can cover.

And for our recollections. In your heart, they will live, offering warmth and easing sorrow.

In the dark days of a tragedy, they are a real blessing to us. And years later, our memories enrich our lives, and in the words of the writer Anne Rice, “We have our memories no matter how long we exist.” Places of time that can’t be erased by time itself. Suffering can blur my backward glances, but other memories can owe none of their charm or splendor to suffering. Instead, they remain as durable as diamonds.

How do you maintain them as part of your pre-arrangements, both for yourself, and for the decades to follow?

Your survivors will build a permanent online memorial gallery of photographs and words in your honor with a Book of Memories TM.

Help Them Out

If you start taking images and writing down memories today, in your name, you can give your family a head start on creating a full Book of MemoriesTM.

It’s a perfect way to enjoy your life by getting others together, and it’s not just your memories that are registered. Invite other family members and associates to join in creating a foundation of treasured memories in the years since your death that will be open to them.

This thought about the force of a memory was conveyed by the writer and video game producer, Takayuki Ikkaku. “Memories can be sad, but they can also save you sometimes.” 

Take this time, now, to recall. If this seems like a perfect way to guarantee a memorable, priceless history of memories for your family to comfort them in the future, then email us. We’re going to help you start.