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Cremation Information

When it comes to planning a cremation service, there are many cremation information in Aurora to consider and items to review. At Cypress Pointe Cremation – Aurora, our goal is to help you make educated and informed decisions. Each of the different resources provided below will offer further information about our products and services.

When considering cremation, today’s families are concerned with many complex issues: how cremation affects the environment (especially when compared to traditional burial), personal finances and faith being amongst the top three. These are common questions we routinely hear from families when discussing cremation services.

What is Cremation?

Part of making funeral arrangements on behalf of a loved one involves choosing between burial of the body, or cremation. Certainly this is a big decision, based on any number of factors: religious or spiritual beliefsfinances, or ecological awareness are just some of the reasons we’ve heard for choosing cremation. Before you can make the choice, you need to know exactly what it is you’re considering. You can learn the Cremation Information below, however, if the content here raises additional questions for you, please give us a call. One of our cremation specialists will address any of your inquiries or concerns.