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Cremation Options

We are conscientious cremation specialists who provide a range of cremation options in Aurora and guarantee the highest quality of service to each family:

Courteous, professional service.

All specifics will be taken care of by our devoted employees, including timely filing of necessary permits and notices. Not only does the correct delivery of these essential records ensure their approval by municipal or state agencies; it ensures that the funeral of your loved one will not be postponed. 

Respectful care of the deceased and timely completion of cremation process.

Certified crematory operators will take care of your loved one; each has been qualified to provide both humane care for the deceased and conscientious attention to detail in the creation phase. 

Safekeeping and prompt return of cremated remains.

We know it is essential that the families we support know that their loved ones will return home as soon as possible. That’s why, as soon as their ashes become available, we pledge to contact you and protect their urn before you are ready to accept them. 

A memorial service to celebrate the life of the deceased.

There are many advantages to taking some time to remember the life lived, share stories and laugh about all of the memories. Our team can help you plan a fitting memorial service with or without the cremation urn present, at our facility or in a place of your choosing.

We offer three cremation options; each can be modified to meet your needs:

Memorial gathering after the cremation has taken place.

After the cremation process, this will occur at any moment. The urn is normally on show at the service and can occur in whatever atmosphere the family likes. 

Traditional cremation services.

It’s a lot like a typical funeral. The ceremony’s focal point is the body of the deceased, put in a specially chosen cremation casket or a rented casket. Before the funeral ceremony, visitation will occur, and the cycle is concluded by cremation rather than conventional burial. The cremated ashes are returned to the family after the funeral has happened. In an urn, you will then opt to disperse, bury, or preserve the cremated remains. 

Direct cremation.

This requires the completion of all relevant documents and the transfer to the deceased’s crematory from the hospital, residence, care center, or coroner’s office.

Courteous, turn professional.