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Cremation Planning

Cremation Preparations can be a complicated and traumatic period for your family in Aurora. We recognize that attempting to organize a customized service to celebrate the life of a loved one is no simple feat, whether you are pre-arranged or in urgent need. To make the arrangement process smoother, our professional and competent funeral home workers can collaborate with you. 

Naturally, every day, individuals turn to us to help them prepare a cremation. Often it’s that a loved one has died suddenly, and that desire is instantaneous. Most times, because they want to speak to us about cremation planning, they turn to us. Consult our preparation resource below if you are trying to schedule a cremation ahead of time for either yourself, or for someone you love. 

We have put together the basics for those of you facing an acute need for our services in this segment. This provides information about what is involved with preparing a cremation, what to expect when you visit our workers, and how to pick the best things for cremation. After the remembrance service, there is also detail about what you should expect. 

However, if you need more in-depth cremation planning detail, and want to talk directly to someone, we invite you to contact us.

Our Packages

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Cremation Merchandise

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First Decisions: Burial or Cremation

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