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Estate Settlement

The settlement of land is often one of the most painful ways of dealing with a family member’s death. If proper planning of all estate papers takes place prior to death, this would not have to be the case. There will be much less stress and strife if you have the services of an accomplished estate lawyer at your side.

Estate Settlement - Cypress Pointe Cremation - Aurora IL

What is Probate?

Probatethe formal demonstration of a will. The probate process is meant to determine the legitimate authenticity of a will, but it requires so much more than just verifying that a will is genuine in a sealed, recorded, and recorded document. 

The Probate Process

In addition to demonstrating in a court of law that the will of the dead person is legitimate, probate further declares that the procedure of probate also includes: 


– Identifying and inventorying the personal and physical property of the deceased 

– Getting the land assessed 

– Paying taxes and debts 

– Distributing the remaining land as the will (or then state law if there is no will) orders


What Happens When There is No Will?

If someone dies without leaving a will that is dated, signed and duly attended, the court determines who can get the estate of the deceased. It will not matter what the family ties actually look like; the state will grant the survivors land and cash based purely on their legitimate arrangement with the deceased. “It is called “intestate” dying. Generally, under intestinal inheritance rules, only spouses, common-law spouses, and blood relatives inherit. 

All this, if you take care of it ahead of time, can be stopped. You better help your survivors in coming to terms with your death without leaving them with a lot of needless anxiety as you leave records that explicitly state who you intend to get your property and cash after you die.

Estate Settlement - Cypress Pointe Cremation - Aurora IL1

Hiring an Attorney

Losing a loved one can be a daunting process and the months after the death can be even more than we negotiated with as you throw on estate compensation problems. That’s why hiring an attorney might be helpful. 

It is better to turn to specialists in estate settlement when faced with this situation.