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First Decisions: Burial or Cremation?

Burial or Cremation?

This is one of the main choices that must be taken when planning end-of-life plans, and relies on a lot of things with certain families deciding either burial or cremation. For example, if in previous generations the family has historically preferred burial, they can decide again to select soil burial, simply because the family owns parcels in a nearby cemetery together. 

And often, one or more of the members of the family will not like the cremation concept and prefer burial. 

The rapid reduction of the remains to ash, usually by the heat and fire process, is cremation, as you might well know. We recommend you take the time to read more here if you’re considering cremation. 

At the moment of time, we urge all families to explore whatever choice suits them best. Feel free to call or contact us if you have any questions. We will be able to share with you our experience and skills.