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Learn About Online Memorials

Forty years ago, it was generally assumed that an obituary for a loved one would be published for some time in print publications in the town or communities where the deceased lived. But this long-standing tradition has been significantly influenced by the continuing decrease in readership, mainly due to the Internet, and has been replaced by online Aurora memorials. In reality, the way they deal with obituary submissions is changing in today’s newspapers: although some local newspapers print obituaries or death notices to the family at no charge; others request a very large publishing fee, depending on word count or the amount of column inches used, and there is usually an extra fee for any photographs submitted for inclusion.

Today, There’s the Internet

Fortunately, the print obituary or death notice has taken the place of online memorials, and our funeral home provides what we consider to be the finest example of online memorials, the Book of memories. The Book of memories, developed by a team of award-winning web developers and designers headed by a funeral professional with more than 25 years of experience, is intended to provide a permanent place for your family to pay tribute to your loved one. 

More About the Book of Memories

The Book of MemoriesTM Memorial Website is a fully-interactive collection of treasured photos and stories recalled from their time spent with friends, relatives, neighbours and co-workers, far more than a typical obituary is usually published only once and has no interactivity at all. 

In remembrance of your loved one, you will be able to invite others to visit the online shrine, where they can upload photos, exchange memories, compose heartfelt messages of condolence, give a floral tribute to the funeral or make a charitable donation. And the integrated social media incorporation ensures that they can then use Facebook and Twitter to “spread the word” about their contribution to the Book of memories of your loved one. 

We offer a Book of MemoriesTM memorial website to the families we serve with the intention that it will give you a measure of solace and comfort during the coming months. To arrange for your loved one’s Book of Memories® remembrance page, contact us today.