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Memorial Service Information

Data from a remembrance service shares certain parallels between both funeral services and life celebrations. It is basically a funeral service aimed at honoring the life of the deceased with certain conventional elements. However, unlike a typical burial, the deceased’s body is not present for the ceremony. The family will opt, in some cases, to have an urn containing the remains displayed at the funeral home. 

Music, selected readings, a prayer and a eulogy are frequently used in a traditional remembrance service. This can be done by a celebration of life if the family is trying to more personalize the service. In either event, with stunning and compassionate memorial services, Cypress Pointe Cremation-Aurora is proud to help families in our neighborhood remember their loved ones.

Memorial Service Information | Cypress Pointe Cremation | Aurora IL

Memorial Service Ideas

Our research has taught us that many people now want more than just a typical funeral. By incorporating some of the personality and lifestyle of the deceased into the plans, something can be achieved. A remembrance service may become more intimate and symbolic by showing photos or staging the ceremony around a childhood pastime.

If a customized memorial service fits your family’s interests, we recommend that you take the following questions into account: 

– What was it that your loved one used to do? 

– What did he or she feel like as a person? 

– What was their occupation, and how did it affect their lives? 

– Your loved one, was he spiritual? 

– Is he or she proud of their roots, whether cultural or ethnic?

We’re Here to Advise, Assist, and Guide You

We will pass the time helping to build a suitable memorial service for your loved one by using the above five questions as our reference. To learn the specifics of our memorial service preparation process, please contact us.

Why a Memorial Service?

Instead of choosing “the same old way” to do something, more families now choose to celebrate a loved one’s life. This move is seen by many funeral service workers as one of the many sacrifices made by “Baby Boomers” to social change. As baby boomers age and find themselves trying to prepare funerals for loved ones and themselves, they make funeral decisions based on principles that are distinct from previous generations, the National Funeral Directors Association says. Baby boomers see funerals as a valuable aspect of the mourning process and are searching for opportunities to make them significant. A celebration-of-life might be the right idea to expand on if you too want to make the funeral more engaging and emotionally meaningful for a loved one. 

How Does a Celebration of Life Differ from a Traditional Funeral?

For traditional funeral services, there are four basic components which make up the conventional approach to funerals:

1. A Visitation to the 

2. The Service for Funerals 

3. A Operation of Committal 

4. The Reception for Funerals

Then, a typical funeral is a sequence of events; it is a ritualized procedure in which the deceased and the members shift from one social class to another; a process in which a family and community’s broken structure is restored. “According to the “Six Characteristics of Helpful Ceremonies” online post, by William Hoy, Grief Link Manager, this is achieved by including: 

– Symbols of common meaning targeted at connecting beyond terms 

– Ritual acts that a group of people share 

– Gathered individuals supplying each other with warmth 

– Relation by recognised readings to heritage 

– Increased physical interaction between participants offers comfort for 

– Witnessing the body’s transformation through burial or cremation

You will design a celebration of life as extraordinary as the life of your loved one by understanding these characteristics. Learn how to generate a Life Celebration.