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Planning a Cremation Service

How to plan a cremation service in Aurora is one of the most frequent questions we hear. We have compiled some useful information to assist you in order to help you better understand cremation planning and what the process involves. 

The first decision to be taken is typically that of burial vs. cremation, followed by the choice of a traditional funeral or memorial service. Please also consider creating a list of who will be present. For the initial meeting with the cremation provider, these details will be particularly useful. The various resources below will help to educate you about the planning process, the forms required, emerging trends, and even a funeral checklist for planning. 

Planning a Cremation Service | Cypress Pointe Cremation | Aurora IL

Before the Decision to Cremate is Made

Learn about your options for cremation. Review the information found on our website about cremation. 

Engage in a discussion with your family. To get a better idea about how they feel about cremation and what they would prefer, we urge you to bring your family into the conversation. 

Speak with a professional for funerals. Please turn to us for the insights you may need at this point if there are any questions or concerns. 

In writing, document your cremation intentions. To take this step, there are a number of forms we can provide. To learn more, call us. 

– Arrange the transportation of the physical remains of your loved one. We can escort them to our facility or to the crematory directly.


After Deciding on Cremation

Consider what sort of ceremony you want to have. Until you have the time to schedule a memorial service, celebration of life, or dispersal ceremony, you can plan for a traditional funeral followed by the cremation or delay the ceremony. 

Ask your family and friends for assistance. Incentivize everyone to get involved when making plans for a meaningful event. Ask them to collect family photos, write down the stories they would like to share, and discuss the best place for the event with them. This is the time to ask someone special to take on that task, if you would like a eulogy. 

Music, prayers, or other readings are selected. You don’t need to have any of these things, but at this event, you should decide exactly what you and your guests are going to do. Infinite possibilities exist. 

Contacting guests well in advance. This is particularly necessary if they need to travel or ask for time off from work. 

– Decide on what the cremated remains will do. The urn is typically a visual focal point for a celebration of life. Will you take it home then? Will it be a part of the

event to scatter ashes? For family members, you may want to buy keepsake urns. 

Call On Us

We’ve had years of experience helping other families make arrangements for cremation services. Never hesitate to call us by picking up the phone. To serve you and your family, we would be privileged. Simply call one of our funeral professionals to talk to them.